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Lucky girl

File under "Words I Never Thought I'd Type": I just said goodbye to my dad for the last time.* Carl and I had to leave for the airport.

Dad said I was the best daughter in the world. He said not to worry. He said he loved me with all his heart.

I am lucky.

*It occurs to me that I wasn't clear in my original post, for which I sincerely apologize. Dad hasn't yet collected his umbrella, snacks, and stuffed animal to start his journey to heaven. It was Carl and I who had to leave him--to fly home to our families. It's just that we don't know how much longer he'll last, so this was, in all likelihood, our final goodbye (although as I left the room, I said "See ya later" and told him to call us when he gets there). If you're in Cheyenne and would still like to go see him tomorrow or drop off a card, please feel free. Mom and Auntie Barb are still there and all three would love to see you.

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