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"Some sort of torture device"

Dad was sitting up in his chair again when I called this morning, where he had been sitting for well over an hour, and to which he had walked two yards from his bed! That's double yesterday's distance! We'll have him running marathons in no time.

Also in the category of PT, he says they're going to come back this afternoon and put him on "some sort of torture device" (his words) that involves pedaling. Would you ever have expected Eric Wedell to describe anything resembling a bicycle as a torture device? Ha! It'll be very good for his leg muscles but will likely wear him out. (UPDATE: Mom sent a photo of the torture device in question and asked me to post it. It's cool, but I'd say his recumbent trike is cooler, huh?)

After we talked, he had a bit of a spa day (this did not, to my bitter disappointment, result in a neon pink pedicure). They have this shower cap-type thing that they put on his head, which then fills with warm water and soap ("This is the only time I can be accused of being a hothead," said Dr. Smartypants to his nurse). They massage it, leave if for a bit, then voila, a clean head of hair. The only sad part is that, when Mom was combing it afterward, a lot of hair came out. Stupid chemo.

Still no white blood cells to speak of, but they're still expecting some early next week, and it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem, as his infection markers are still down. The kidneys are still working hard, but the doctors are still keeping the possibility of dialysis in their proverbial back pocket, just in case.

I asked if they had talked any more about a release date, and Mom says that, although they mentioned something about the week after next (so, the week of September 19), they refused to be more definite. It's reminiscent of their demurring on a timeline for taking the tube out, so no one is surprised. However, Dad's birthday is September 26, and I can think of no better birthday present than being able to spend it in his own home. Keep sending those white blood cell thoughts and prayers, Team Eric, along with the newsy emails and low-res photos! We love you!

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