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Sleep brigade

Well, Team Eric, once again you have demonstrated your prowess: Dad is in much better spirits today. Getting a brand-new Kindle didn't hurt, either! Your gift made him so happy, and he's excited to charge it up and start reading. Thank you so much.

I need to correct a bit of misinformation from yesterday: They actually didn't put him back on dialysis. That was a misunderstanding on my part. They were thinking about it, but ultimately decided against it in favor of some medication that will help his kidneys kick into high gear.

He had just finished PT when I called this morning, during which he was able to try standing six or seven times, all successfully. Progress! Hopefully tomorrow he'll be able to walk to the chair unassisted (all the walks to the chair thus far have happened with the assistance of a walker).

One issue he's having is that he's finding it hard to sleep. He still has so many tubes and wires sticking out of him that the only truly viable position is on his back, and he's never been a back sleeper. Add to that all the beeps and buzzes of a typical hospital ward, and my light-sleeping dad just isn't getting good rest.

So today, Team Eric, please send sleep vibes! Visualize the best nap you've ever had--you know, the kind where you're so out you almost don't know where you are when you wake up, and yet you feel alert and refreshed when you do? Send him those. Forty winks! The land of Nod! Zs! (Oh wait, he's in England: Zeds!)

Go Team Eric! (Or rather, nighty-night!)

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