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One of you recently told me that this process is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Having run two marathons myself, I think it's a good metaphor. Because right now I think Dad's feeling like he just passed mile marker 10, is feeling really tired, and realizes he's not even halfway done with this race.

This morning he looked at me and said, "Allison, I'm feeling pretty down. I just don't feel like I'm making any progress, even though the doctors tell me I am. But it's just so slow."

I replied, "You know what, Dad? You GET to feel down. When you were intubated, we told your nurses that the most patient member of our family was lying in that hospital bed, and we were right. You've been SO patient. But don't let that make you feel like you can't be down. Because you have legions of people all over the world being up for you. We'll cover it until your spirits are back up." That seemed to help.

So here's your assignment for the day, Team Eric: Be UP. Send positivity and patience and hope. Send strength and love and peace. Think thoughts of healthy white blood cells appearing and joining ranks to protect him on the flight home; of waking in his own bed to a patch of brilliant blue Wyoming sky in the skylight in his bedroom; of a walk around Sloan's Lake with Mom, greeting friends (human and canine alike) along the way. He can't be positive right now, Team Eric, but you can do it for him. For us. I know you can.

And as Dad says, there's actually a fair amount to be up about: For the second day in a row, he walked from his bed to the chair. He also discovered that the ICU has some iPads available for patient entertainment, so got to watch a WWII documentary yesterday. His other surprise should arrive at Mom's hotel today, so he'll get it tomorrow. He is unfortunately back on dialysis, but no one seems too concerned about that, and it is a temporary state of affairs. Tentative ETA on getting out of the ICU and onto a regular ward is this weekend. So I suppose the continued pee prayers and wee-wee waves would be helpful as well (you can multi-task, right?).

Much love to all of you from the Wedells, and as always, thank you.

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