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Pee prayers and pep talks

Photo courtesy of George Michael Calger

I have big news today, folks. BIG. NEWS.

Dad is off dialysis! WOO-HOO!! This is just a 24-hour trial to see how he does, and right now his urine production isn't stellar. So your assignment today, Team Eric, is to send pee prayers! Wee-wee waves! Toilet thoughts! (Fine, that last one was reaching a bit, but give me a break: I haven't had my coffee yet.) Bet you didn't realize you were signing up for this when you joined the team 12 days ago, eh?

If he can stay off the dialysis, they can think further about getting him out of the ICU, which would be lovely.

Now with the news out of the way, let's you and I have a little heart-to-heart, shall we? Many of you have expressed to me feelings of helplessness, of wanting to do MORE toward somehow fixing this situation for us and especially Dad. And believe me, I of all people understand that frustration, I really do--that was one of the reasons I was so happy I could be in London for a week.

But even if you can't drop everything and hop on a jet or don a white lab coat and cook up a cure for cancer in your kitchen, believe me when I say YOU ARE INVALUABLE. Your thoughts and prayers and good vibes and silly memes and virtual hugs are what's getting us through this. And although Eric Wedell has never been one to give up, you have shown him beyond a shadow of a doubt everything he has to live for. You are the embodiment of all that is good in this world, and we can't believe our luck that you have chosen to direct that good at us.

So I say to you again: GO TEAM ERIC!!! We love you!

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