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An open letter to Cancer

Dear Cancer,

Since we haven't formally met before, I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Allison, and last week, you tried to take down my dad. And that made me angry.

There's something you should know about me: When I'm vaguely ticked off or annoyed, I react like most people. I swear. I grumble. Sometimes I even cry. But when I'm really, really angry--the kind of angry you've made me--I get quiet. I get calm. I get scary. And I get to work.

Because here's the deal: I am smarter than you. I am stronger than you. I am more patient, more faithful, more hopeful, and more loving than you. My left hook is harder than Ali's, and my army is stronger than Napoleon's.

So if I were you, I'd pack my bags and get the hell out. Because six months from now, you'll wish you'd never heard of the Wedells. You messed with the wrong woman.

I'm coming for you, Cancer. I'm coming.


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