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Raina goes to work

Here is what my world has shrunk to: this hand, this man, and a baby dragon named Raina who was sent by a little girl to keep her Giempa safe. There was progress today. His blood count is normal and the infections are under control. This morning the words "take the breathing tube out" and "tomorrow" were uttered in the same sentence, but that timeline changed when they took a chest X-ray--still more fluid in his lungs than they'd like. So we must be patient and take one day at a time. The good doctor himself is quite done with the stupid tube down his throat--and who can blame him?--so much so that he nearly initiated a regular donnybrook (we HAVE to call it that: we're in England) with the nurses in an attempt to take it out himself. Upside: They learned the hard way that he still has his strength. 😏 Through gestures, nods, and pointing to letters on a page (which I gather is incredibly difficult for a person under partial sedation), we learned that he would like a shave, he is sometimes too hot, it would be great if Teagan came on the Tour de Wyoming with us someday (that one got an actual thumbs up)....oh, and he hates this damn tube down his throat. I know, Dad. I know. Today, #TeamEric, please send us dry, healing thoughts and prayers for his poor lungs. They've been through an awful lot. Carl and I are still not sure how long we're going to stay, but I'm starting to worry that he won't get to talk to us before we leave. And I'd really love to hear his voice.

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