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The founding of Team Eric

I learned a lot of things today. I learned that love and family are two of the most powerful, palpable forces on this planet. I learned that if there was an Olympics for positivity and emotional fortitude, my mother would have more gold medals than Phelps. I learned that skilled, compassionate doctors and nurses are not just a US phenomenon. I learned that looking into the eyes of someone you adore--someone you nearly lost--telling him you love him, and feeling him squeeze your hand HARD in understanding and reciprocation, is the very definition of the word "joy."

So. They have the cancer more or less under control for the moment; now they just have to deal with any infections that have taken or could take hold while his immune system is suppressed, help his kidneys clean everything up (he's on dialysis), help his lungs take in oxygen while they heal (he's also intubated), and wait for him to grow healthy white blood cells so he'll be strong enough to travel home and start chemotherapy in earnest. Well; perhaps "just" isn't the right word. It's a big job, and we're told the next week is absolutely critical. And it will be at least four weeks before he can come back to the States. But if he makes it through the next few days intact, well...we might just have a chance.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying I truly believe that the hundreds of positive thoughts and prayers he's been receiving from all of you are working. They are helping him fight the fierce battle raging inside his own body, but what's more, they are giving those of us who love him most the precious gift of hope.

But we're not done, ladies and gents, not by a long shot. So keep those prayers and vibes and rainbows and unicorns and puppies and symphonies and laughs and loves coming. Ready, Team Eric?


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